brain gelatin

This brain gelatin makes the perfect dessert for Halloween. Or for fans of zombies. Whatever. In any case, they are easy to make and will lend a bit of fun to your Halloween meal!

The key to your brain gelatin jigglers is the mold. You can get a large, regular brain-size mold at various department stores as we get closer to Halloween, but that means you have to cut the brain into pieces for serving. Gruesome, yes, but the presentation loses something. I suggest a smaller mold, like this one. That way everyone gets their own brain and you can plate it up however you’d like.

brain gelatin

My brains are raspberry gelatin, served on white chocolate pudding and garnished with fresh raspberries. Not a thing on that plate is from scratch and that is just fine! Your brain gelatin jigglers are about fun, not spending hours in the kitchen and missing the festivities! Grab your favorite flavors of gelatin and pudding from the store and leave time to get your costume on!


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