Book Review: A Blade So Black

a blade so black review

A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney is the first book in a series that reimagines the world of Wonderland and McKinney’s Alice is a very different girl than Lewis Caroll’s.

Set in modern day Atlanta, against a backdrop of heartbreak, racial injustice, high school friendships, and protective (but loving) moms; A Blade So Black is a fairy tale for modern times. Magical and dark by turns, we follow Dreamwalker Alice as she navigates personal and societal obstacles while simultaneously being responsible for the safety of two worlds.

Following a war in Wonderland, things have gone sideways (as things often do in war) and the veil between the worlds is thin enough for creatures to cross into the human realm and wreak havoc. Alice, along with her fellow Dreamwalkers, must defeat these creatures before they get a chance to do their damage. In the process, much larger problems come to light and Alice is thrust into a battle for both worlds.

A Blade So Black is full of action, adventure, and fantasy; with just enough romance. If you enjoy young adult fiction, fantasy, or fairy tale retellings, you should absolutely give this one a read!

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“Oh, I don’t know. The human world has its charms. Cotton candy for instance.”

L.L. McKinney, A Blade So Black

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