The Only Way to Drink Tomato Juice

…is with vodka. Seriously.  Bloody Marys show up all over the place. Just about any romance novel that involves a brunch will include Bloody Marys. In (this is an affiliate link) The Girl Who Chased the MoonJulia (maker of those delicious cranberry donuts) has a friend named Stella who we join one day while she’s “fortifying herself with a pitcher of Bloody Marys.” Now, I don’t recommend a pitcher of them, but I do recommend them. I recommend spicy ones. Or ones with shrimp. Or bacon. Or bleu cheese. Basically any Bloody Mary that is not just watery tomato juice with some vodka thrown in. Don’t do that to yourself. At the very least, you need to add a couple dashes of hot sauce and a couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce. At least.

I’m a big fan of spicy. So here’s what I did. I rimmed a glass with Old Bay Seasoning. I mixed one small can of spicy V8 juice (5.5oz), 2oz of vodka, about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and a splash of juice from a jar of Tony Packo’s pickled jalapenos. It’s a delicious drink, with just enough of a kick to get you moving!

Now, sometimes, I accidentally drink my delicious drink before taking a picture of it. It’s always a risk with us amateur food bloggers… I do apologize, but trust me, it’s a terrific brunch drink!

the only way to drink tomato juice


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