Kool-Aid Cookies

I’m so sorry. I really am. But I’ve done it again. I’ve made a recipe from the Hannah Swensen series. I can’t help it. There are so many recipes. Honestly, towards the end of the series (I’ve got one more to go and I’ll be all caught up) the recipes are my main reason for reading. The characters haven’t done much developing and the heroine’s technophobia is pretty unbelievable for a 30-something woman in current times. I mean, holding onto to older technology is one thing, but not having any idea how to surf the internet? Or send a text message? Unlikely. They’re still cute stories and there are many recipes to try, so I carry on.

This recipe is found in Apple Turnover Murder (buy it from my affiliate link right there and help me buy more ingredients.) There’s a long story that ends up with Hannah getting a recipe for watermelon cookies. I know, sounds a little weird. The secret ingredient is watermelon drink mix. Since you can use any flavor drink mix you want, I decided to start simply with strawberry lemonade. Now, I’m thinking you could add drink mix to any sugar cookie recipe you wanted with similar results, so don’t stress too much about finding the exact one from the book.

These cookies are a beautiful pink color. This recipe would be super easy to customize for any party color; just choose the right drink mix color. The flavor here is subtle. You get a nice soft sugar cookie with a hint of strawberry lemonade (or whichever flavor you choose.) If you want to amp up the flavor, try adding some compatible extract or, in this case, lemon zest would work.

No matter what flavor you try, this recipe trick gives you some lovely cookies that are easily changed to satisfy any flavor craving. They’re also really easy to make if you make them as drop cookies. No rolling required! Enjoy!



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