The Sonic Screwdriver

You guys. You. Guys. Doctor Who is almost back. After a year with no new Who, our long global nightmare is almost over. Well, I guess since the show once went away for years and years, I shouldn’t complain. More accurately, we’re getting more new NuWho… but I digress. To celebrate this momentous occasion my oldest, J-man, and I are indulging in Who themed foods all week.

the sonic screwdriver
Just a couple of Whovians…

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’m no stranger to Who food. We’ve had Rose Tyler’s Chips, The Ninth Doctor’s Banana Daquiris, and Captain Jack’s Hypervodka. We also delved into the expanded universe of  The Stone Rose with some delicious ancient Roman cheesecakes. You may have noticed a theme. You caught me; the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ eras are my very favorite, but, to be fair, it’s time to move on a bit. Which is why I’m giving you a couple of options for our drink on this Thirsty Thursday.

Nine and Ten had a blue sonic screwdriver while Eleven and Twelve use a green one. Take your pick and toast to the return of The Doctor!

the sonic screwdriver

The blue version is 2 oz of blue curacao and 4 oz of orange sparkling water (or whatever ratio tastes good to you.) Make it kid friendly by substituting the blue curacao for blue raspberry syrup. We have plenty left over from our Bantha Milk. To make a green version, simply swap the blue curacao for Midori. Bam. Green Sonic Screwdriver. I don’t think these are very sweet. The sparkling water handles that for me, but if these are too sweet for your taste, cut the blue curacao/Midori to one ounce and add an ounce of vodka. It’ll still taste great, it just won’t be as vibrant in color.

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