The Grand Brie Burger

The Belcher family, of Bob’s Burgers, is absurd. Truly absurd. However, they love each other. They stick together through good and bad. They have a ton of fun together, even if it’s often because they’ve gotten in to some kind of zany predicament. It’s a cartoon after all, zany predicaments are par for the course.

Every show I check out Bob’s Burger of the Day. I have The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book (affiliate link) and there are some great ideas in there, but I also love coming up with my own spin on Bob’s creations. Some of you may remember the “Sweet Chili O’ Mine Burger” that I made a while back.

When I saw “The Grand Brie Burger” in an episode I watched recently, I knew I had to make that one. I love brie. I tried to make this one simple and used spreadable brie wedges. If you’re not a big brie eater, these are worth the money. You can get a little taste of brie without having to deal with a big chunk. It’s especially useful if you live with crazy people who don’t enjoy brie, like the ones I live with. I mean, I love’em anyway, but really?

For my Grand Brie Burger, I used store bought whole wheat buns. I toasted them, which I always recommend. I used regular ground beef that I mixed with some steak seasoning (I used Montreal steak seasoning, but use what you like.) After frying my patty, I topped simply with one wedge of the spreadable brie and a dollop of hot pepper jelly.

the grand brie burger

This delicious burger is nice and simple, but will make you look like a regular ground beef gourmet!

the grand brie burger



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