An Every Day Staple

I love bread. Every kind of bread. Seriously, I have never eaten a piece of bread and been, like, “wow, I’m sorry I ate that.” I could eat nothing but bread for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy, provided there is quality butter or some other delicious spread to use every once in a while.

Homemade bread is on the top of every list of perfect carbs I have ever made. Okay, you caught me…I’ve never made that list, but if I did, homemade bread would be at the top. Let’s face it though, homemade bread can be messy and time consuming. So, I’m here to rescue you with a quick every day bread to satisfy your carb cravings.

Bannock. Bannock is sort of a generic term for a flat, quick bread. There are versions of bannock originating in various European regions, as well as from just about every Native American (and Canadian) group on this continent. For today’s post, I’m returning to my very favorite source, Outlander Kitchen, and her Bannocks at Castle Leoch.

This version is a bit more tender and accessible than what Jamie and his men would have been used to, which more closely resembled hardtack and was easily transported. Don’t worry, I’ll tackle those at some point, too, but I wanted to start with something that my husband and children would eat readily.

We enjoyed these like you would enjoy a biscuit or scone, warm from the oven with butter, jam, and honey.

an everyday staple

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