Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welp. You know the drill by now. I read a “cozy” mystery…I wonder why so many amateur sleuths own bakeries… I mean, seriously. In real life, bakeries are so much work. Like, all the time. Early morning baking. Late night recipe testing. I don’t have any idea where they find so much time for solving crimes. I’m completely baffled. BUT, that’s not going to stop me from enjoying the fruits of their labors.

The latest series to make me question the universe and all things baking, is by Joanne Fluke. Many of you are probably familiar with Hannah Swenson and her cookie shop, but they are new to me.The first book, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder was a great start to the series. Quirky characters, compelling mystery, and recipes sprinkled throughout. I chose to make the namesake, Chocolate Chip Crunch cookies. I’ll give you a hint, the secret ingredient is cornflakes. They really do lend a nice crunch to the finished cookies, but it would be a solid chocolate chip cookie even without the flakes. I followed the recipe as it appears in the book. There is also a cookbook that includes all the recipes found in the first ten books, plus a few bonus goodies. Grab either book with the links below (they are affiliate links.)

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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