Roast Pork: The Cheeky Geek Eats

This post originally appeared on my old blog “The Cheeky Geek Speaks,” but it fits so perfectly with this blog, and the food is so gosh darn delicious, that I wanted to show it off again. As you can see, my love for Outlander and its food is not a new phenomenon. Enjoy!

Fun fact: I love to cook. I love to eat even more, but that’s another post altogether. I love trying new recipes, whether they are from other people or from the depths of my own food-addled brain. For an added bit of fun, I like trying to make recipes that come from (or are inspired by) my favorite geeky franchises. Today I’m going straight to the master. If you are a fan of the Outlander universe, you simply must visit Theresa Carle-Sanders at Outlander Kitchen. Her recipes are amazing! Theresa’s inspiration comes from both the books and the television series, so no matter where you get your Outlander fix, she’s got something for you! PS-she has a cookbook coming out this summer. I’ve already got mine pre-ordered and I check the status obsessively. Just in case they decide to release it early…OK, probably not going to happen, but you could join me in my impatience by grabbing your own copy of Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook. (FYI-if you buy it through that link, I will get a small percentage.)

For last night’s dinner, I wanted to do something a bit different with a pork roast I had in the freezer. A quick search and I was all in for Theresa’s Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Cider Sauce from the series episode “The Gathering.” Now, I do my best to follow recipes exactly the first time I make a new dish. But, in this case, a few adjustments had to be made. First, I didn’t have a pork tenderloin, I had a two pound pork roast. The roast is a shorter, thicker chunk of meat than the long skinny tenderloin. Rather than double the recipe, I cut my roast in half and made the recipe with one of the resulting pieces of meat. Second, I didn’t have fresh sage so I had to substitute about 1 teaspoon of dried sage for the 6-8 leaves the recipe calls for. Third, and this is not an adjustment, just a choice based on the recipe and the ingredients I had on hand, I used hard cider for the sauce. I also did not use the optional thyme. I enjoy it, but I have two small geeks that can be a bit on the picky side. The fewer green bits they see in the food, the more apt they are to eat it without suspicion.

My pictures cannot possibly do justice to the epicness of this recipe, but let’s proceed anyway. Shall we?


roast pork
Gathering the ingredients…not pictured is my salt. I used a fleur de sel that I got in a subscription box. Break out the good stuff here.


roast pork
That top piece is about to become delicious!


roast pork
All rubbed up…


roast pork


roast pork
Let’s eat!


This roast pork was absolutely delicious! The rub was salty and garlicky-two of my favorite flavors-and the pan sauce was divine! The tang from the vinegar complemented the sweetness of the honey and cider perfectly, while the butter made it silky and rich. Mr. Cheeky Geek and both the geeklets ate it without a single complaint, which is basically giving it rave, 4-star reviews.

Final thoughts: I will definitely make this again. It was the best thing I’ve eaten in recent memory. You should really go visit Outlander Kitchen and eat something from there right now!



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