Books That You Should Be Reading

This post originally appeared on my old blog “The Cheeky Geek Speaks,” but since books are such a big part of this new venture, I figured I should share some of my favorites with you.

Books are some of my best friends. I read a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I enjoy finding lesser known titles and authors, then passing them on to others. Books also make outstanding gifts, so consider grabbing one or two of these for your favorite reader. This promises to be just the first in an infinite number of posts about books I love, so let’s start with three series that think you should check out.

1.The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant

I can’t say enough good things about this brilliant take on the zombie genre. We join our band of heroes, a group of bloggers who deliver news and entertainment to the mostly housebound population, years after the “zombie apocalypse.” This is a story of action and intrigue that happens to take place in a world that has endured the “rising” and has found a way to live with the reality of zombies. I appreciate that Grant has given us a fairly plausible explanation for zombies, instead of the usual, “and then the dead began walking and on one knows why,” that we get so often. Humor and heart mixes with blood and guts in a truly wonderful story. In addition to the main trilogy, there is an array of short stories and novellas that build out the universe. If I had to pick a series to spend the rest of my life rereading, this would be the one. If you love zombie lit, you should read it. If you love stories about a plucky group of friends taking on the establishment, you should read it. If you love books that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure, you should read it. Really, you should just read it.

2. The Secrets of Wintercraft Trilogy by Jenna Burtenshaw

For folks who enjoy fantasy, this is a nice addition to their collection. Burtenshaw has built a world intimately tied to “the veil”, keeping the souls of the dead from overrunning the living. But, people have lost touch to the old ways, as they so often do, and corrupt politicians are trying to grab that power for themselves. Burtenshaw’s complex characters challenge the “good vs evil” trope as they make both good and bad choices as information is presented to them. Over the course of the trilogy, our heroine and some pretty unlikely allies battle for the survival of their home country as well as their very souls. It’s a saga packed with action, magic, and sacrifice that will satisfy most readers.

3. The Lana Harvey, Reapers, Inc. series by Angela Roquet

This series is a delight. It takes place in Limbo City, separated from every religion’s afterlife by a sea that the reapers sail to deliver souls from the mortal realm to their respective faith’s “heaven.” Gods and goddesses of religions that are no longer widely practiced can be found running businesses in Limbo, along with a variety oh angels, demons, and other spirits. Lana Harvey is a reaper who works for Grim himself, but is often following her heart and going against Grim’s wishes. The writing matures as you progress through the series and I find myself waiting anxiously for the next installment. Roquet’s world is fun and unique, which puts a new spin on an old (the oldest) story as religious figures battle for control of the souls entering the afterlives and the afterlives themselves.

There you have it, three of my favorite book series. Check them out at your local library, or, if you are an avid buyer of books, consider grabbing them through one of the Amazon links on this page. They are affiliate links and you can feel proud about helping send my little geek children to college some day.

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