You’re Just Getting Older…

I turned 40 last year. No biggie, right? Well, some time before that, I noticed a new bumpy, mole thing on my hip. I figured I’d better get it checked out. Better safe than sorry, as they say. So imagine my relief when the dermatologist said, “That’s not cancerous. It will never become cancerous.” And then, imagine my dismay when he continued, “It’s just a consequence of you getting older. You’ll get more.” Ummm, thanks? I guess?

In honor of getting older I’m going to pour myself a drink and go watch The Golden Girls. 

This is not my graphic. I found it on Pinterest. I’d love to credit the creator so if you know who made it, let me know.

I made this into a drink rather than a shot. It was quite tasty and any drink that uses amaretto is a-ok in my book!

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