The Stone Rose

For the truly geeky among us, just watching a movie or a TV show is never quite enough. We invest too much into our fictional character friends to stop with what happens on the screen. We want them to live on somewhere, in some dimension, where they are as real as we are. This is where “expanded universe” things come in. Truly iconic worlds spawn novelizations and comic books and other goodies where we can visit our fictional family after the cameras have stopped rolling and Doctor Who  is one of those worlds that you can visit in numerous ways besides the actual series.

Novels based on your favorite universe are always fun. As long as the author knows the source material well, you’re going to get an adventure that feels just like one written for the screen. And, because it’s a book, you’re going to get a different level of detail. The books based on Doctor Who are no exception. Now, full disclosure, I have only read books featuring the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. They are my favorites and I do what I want.

the stone rose

A favorite among Whovians who branch out into the expanded ‘verse is The Stone Rose  by Jacqueline Rayner (affiliate link.) It’s a good adventure with lots of great Rose/Doctor moments. Spoiler: there are aliens involved. A huge chunk of this particular novel takes place in ancient Rome. It seemed an appropriate time to try a recipe I had saved for “ancient Roman cheesecakes” from Lisa’s Kitchen.

the stone rose

Now, I cannot speak to the authenticity of this recipe. The original poster says she found it in a book about ancient Rome and acknowledges that vanilla is a pretty modern addition. But, besides that, it seems feasible. Ricotta cheese is certainly not a new invention and neither is honey. They bake up into dense little treats that feel like a cross between a modern cheesecake and a dinner roll. They are not extremely sweet, even after being soaked in honey. They’re so easy to make that you should definitely whip up a batch to enjoy with a cup of coffee!

the stone rose

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