Mojito Cupcakes

I’ve told you before about my newly discovered love of “cozy mysteries.” These books don’t take a lot of brain power. They’re going to be wrapped up quickly and neatly. There is probably going to be a quirky heroine who will discover love at some point in the series. It also seems that an incredibly high number of these quirky ladies are bakers. What is it about baking cakes that makes someone more prone to falling into an unlikely murder scenario and then being forced to solve said murder? It really makes me think twice before going into baking as a career. That, and the endless hours, dealing with the health department, pressure to stay up to date with food trends (cupcake tower wedding cakes, anyone?)… you get my drift…

The latest series I’ve found is the Cupcake Mysteries by Jenn McKinlay (that link will take you to my affiliate link to buy the first in the series.) The first installment, Sprinkle with Murder, is a good story featuring a bridezilla and a couple of friends who own a cupcake shop. It’s a great beach or airplane read. Grab a copy for your spring break travel. I mean, I’m not going anywhere on spring break, but I understand many people enjoy that sort of thing…

This is one of those books that includes recipes for some of the items mentioned. Several of them sounded delicious (lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream, yes please!) But, being me, the Mojito cupcakes that our heroines make for a cocktail-themed baking class were kind of a no-brainer. I followed the recipe as written and it turned out lovely. Lime juice and zest along with dried mint in the cake lends a nice subtle flavor and pairs well with the rum flavor of the icing.

mojito cupcakes

You should go grab the book and make some cupcakes this weekend!

mojito cupcakes

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