Snowman Pancakes from Ma

If there is a set of kids’ books that I will always, always love, it’s the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The bit of me that is convinced that I was born in the wrong century can’t get enough. I know the unvarnished story isn’t nearly as romantic as the version we read to our children, but it doesn’t matter. My heart remains a pioneer girl living in the big woods or in the little town. Surviving the long winter. Moving west when you get bored. Again, I completely get that this id the heavily romanticized version. But if you can’t live a heavily romanticized life in your own head, where can you?

In Little House in the Big Woods, Wilder describes Ma making pancake men with arms and legs for her and her sister, Mary. I am not that talented, but I can make three circles in the shape of a snowman. The boys then decorated with candies to make it each their own. Then they added syrup…because more sugar…

Now, I own a Little House cookbook with a pancake recipe that would be much like the one Ma Ingalls would’ve used. However, I didn’t have whole wheat flour or buttermilk on hand. Plus, after a day of work, I appreciate simple dinner prep. I used this recipe from Cookies and Cups . They were delicious and the batter was easy to work with.

Thumbs up all around!

*Disclaimer: I do not own media mentioned in this post. Pictures and commentary are my own.*

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