I’m Baaack!

Did you miss me? Probably. I would miss me…I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday full of friends and food and thanks. I certainly did. And now I’m thankful that it’s Thirsty Thursday…

Have you read The Coincidence of Coconut Cake? Yeah, I haven’t either…BUT, I’ve been told it’s  good and I’ve officially added it to the never ending list of books I intend to read before I exit this life stage left. Why stage left? I don’t know, just seems like the direction I’d go… The list is long and does not include unscheduled re-reads of my favorites. Also, I have already promised my next read to a friend who found one of those books that they just can’t stop reading. They know who they are…and it’s on hold at the library-I promise! What I’m getting at is that, while I fully intend to read this book, it’s likely I will drink the drink several more times before I get to it.

In any case, while I haven’t read this book, I can still make a drink to go along with it. The Coconut Cake is easy: 2 parts cake flavored vodka, 1 part coconut rum, and 1 part milk (although you could use cream to make it richer.) It was sweet and delicious. Strong enough that you’ll want to sip it during reading time.

I'm baaack

If you have read today’s book, let me know what you thought! Enjoy!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Or coconut cream instead of milk, to make it even more coconutty? Sounds delish!


    1. Ann says:

      Yes! That would be terrific!


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