You are Crunchy and Good with Ketchup

Of all the mythical creatures, dragons are my favorite. Giant flying lizards that breathe fire? How can you not dig that? Plus, I was born in the Year of the Dragon, so, yeah…

Fictional dragons are super diverse. Some are friendly and trainable. Some are a bit more unpredictable. Some are just misunderstood. Some will eat you. Not unlike people, really.

Dragons are symbols of power in many cultures, but Asian lore usually portrays them as benevolent creatures, while European myths showcase them as violent, terrifying animals. I would figure that an actual Dragon would be like any other animal. Just doing what it was made to do to survive.

The Dragon’s Kiss from Fireball Whiskey is a great drink to enjoy while watching Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon, Pete’s Dragon, Dragonslayer… It’s sweet, but with a kick, making it satisfying to many drinkers. If you like a bit of fizz, substitute a cranberry soda for the cranberry juice. Or, my personal favorite tweak, add a splash of amaretto for a cranberry-cinnamon-almond combo that’s like a cookie in a glass!
You are Crunchy and Good with Ketchup

*Disclaimer: I own none of the media mentioned in this post. All are the property of their respective entities. Pictures and commentary are my own.*

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