Sweet Chili O’Mine Burger

Everyone has a guilty pleasure TV show. Don’t deny it. At some point in your life there was something you watched and loved despite its lack of redeeming qualities. That’s probably 99.9% of television, honestly, but you get my drift. I have had many over the years. Which probably explains a whole lot about me, now that I think about it…but my current go-to mood lifter is the Belcher family of Bob’s Burgers. Have you watched it yet? It’s a very popular show if the number of Belchers running around Motor City Comic Con is any indication. Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon somewhere in the neighborhood of The Simpson’s or Family Guy. I know some folks find those offensive. I don’t, but it takes a lot to offend me. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was offended by a work of fiction. Probably never. But, all the same, use your best judgment if watching with kids, pets, or sensitive aliens.

Click on the picture and you can go buy season 1 and start from the very beginning. A small percentage will help me buy more ingredients. It’s a win-win!

The Belcher family runs a burger joint. They scrape by from month to month but, through  all their hardships, they’ve got each other’s backs. Oldest daughter Tina has a weird thing for zombies. Son Gene is a maestro of his keyboard (that is mostly used to record and playback bodily functions.) Youngest child Louise is an evil genius with a heart of gold (most of the time.) It really is a fun show and, being a cartoon, every episode is crazier than the last. In each episode, Bob features a punnily named burger at the restaurant. There are blogs out there dedicated to keeping track of all of the burgers and one even became an official cookbook for the show (which I own and will be reviewing at some point.) I’m not trying to reinvent the burger , here. I’m focusing on season five, episode 14, “Li’l Hard Dad.” Early in the episode you can see that the Burger of the Day is the “Sweet Chili O’Mine Burger.” That’s all I needed to get started.

An easy option would be to do a Thai-inspired burger, and that may happen later, but I went a different way. With carmelized onions, sweet hot pickled jalapenos, and a chili jam I found at Trader Joe’s, this burger is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

sweet chili o'mine

There is not a recipe, per se. You can do whatever your little heart desires here. I mixed 3 tablespoons of mayo with a tablespoon of the Trader Joe’s Chili Jam to make a kicky spread. I lightly carmelized about 1/4 of an onion in some green chili olive oil from Great Lakes Olive Oil (they are totally fab!) I built my burger with a beef patty, colby jack cheese, bacon, lettuce tomato, the onions and a few candied jalapenos from Tony Packo’s. All of those, combined with the spread really made this burger tasty. A little kick from all the spices, a little salt from the bacon, and some fresh crunch from the raw veggies all added to the success.

sweet chili o'mine burger

Whether you recreate this burger or design your own, I think you’ll find that Bob Belcher really does make the best burgers!

*Disclaimer-I claim no ownership to media mentioned in this post. Bob’s Burgers and all related items belong to their respective studios/entities. Commentary and pictures (unless otherwise credited) are my own.*

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