Throwback Thirsty Thursday

If you were a kid in the 90’s you remember the artificial citrus-ish goodness of Ecto-Cooler. Well, over the summer it got a new lease on life when the Ghostbusters reboot came out. I enjoyed the new version of the movie. Mostly because I want to be Kate McKinnon when I grow up. She’s my spirit animal. I also enjoyed finding this liquid blast from the past for $1 at my local grocery store. Because now that I’m masquerading as a responsible adult, I’m on a budget.

Now, this is orange sugar water so I don’t recommend adding it to your diet on a regular basis, but once in a while go ahead. Stick the little pointy straw into the wax covered box and embark on a moment of reflection to an earlier time…I’ll wait… Did you remember your 90’s hair and get scared? Completely understandable. At least we’ll always have Slimer.


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