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Thirteen Wants a Fried Egg Sandwich

Welcome Back, Doctor!

After a lengthy hiatus, Doctor Who is back! The Doctor has regenerated into lucky Thirteen and this time around they’re a female! It’s an historic moment in the show and, as you can imagine, not everyone is taking it well. I’m not going to send time explaining why it’s ludicrous to get upset over an alien who regenerates rather than dying looking like a human woman instead of a human man. But trust me, it’s ludicrous. In any case, the first episode was a huge hit in the ratings, the reviews, and the CtB house. A new showrunner is in charge, so the show is different stylistically as well as having an all new cast. We’re still getting used to everything, but after the first few episodes, so far, so good!

Let’s Eat!

Like other Doctors before her, Thirteen has a craving soon after regenerating. She wants a fried egg sandwich. It’s a good choice. Less weird than the fish fingers and custard that Eleven enjoyed but more filling than the bananas that Nine and Ten loved. I can’t think of a better way to welcome the new Doctor than to try her new favorite!

Jodie Whittaker, the actress playing Thirteen, recently did an AMA on reddit (that’s “Ask Me Anything” in case you aren’t familiar) and someone asked her for her favorite fried egg sandwich recipe. She prefers white bread with “loads of butter” and ketchup. I think my version captured the spirit of hers while putting my own spin on the sandwich.

For my sandwich, I found some really delicious challah rolls which I toasted under the broiler with “loads of butter.” I fried my egg in a non-stick skillet, but you could use more butter here. I’m not a fan of ketchup on eggs, but I wanted to add something tomato-y to stay true(ish) to Jodie’s vision. Luckily, I had some British HP Sauce in the fridge from back when I made Rose Tyler’s Chips, so I spread a thin layer on the bottom bun.

fried egg sandwich

All in all, this was a delicious sandwich! The bun was soft with a nice toasty crust and the runny egg was perfect. HP Sauce was a nice addition, lending a bit of tang and an extra layer of flavor. There are no hard rules on fried egg sandwiches; make your version and tell us all about it!

fried egg sandwich


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