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Fish Custard – The Savory

As promised, I also made the savory version of the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration meal. I cheated a bit. I have a bag of frozen fish sticks from Trader Joe’s. My kids both like fish more than the hubs and I do. While I love seafood, I’m more of a shellfish kind of girl, so I keep some frozen fish sticks around for when the boys need a quick meal.  I prepared them according to the directions on the bag. They’re perfectly serviceable for those crazy weeknights that we all have.

The “custard” is the star of this particular post. Now, I could’ve made up a savory custard recipe. I was planning on it, actually, but then I remembered that one of my very favorite chefs is a Whovian. Enter, Alton Brown.  Part scientist, part chef, all geek. He’s really fun to watch cook. He has a live show. You should go. Trust me on that. Anyway, he made his own fish fingers and custard that was posted on his blog. I used his “Tardis Sauce” recipe for my “custard”. Some day I will try his fish finger recipe as well. Or you try it and tell me all about it.

The sauce was really delicious, creamy and rich with a hint of dill. It was also really easy to throw together. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it! But then, I have never been disappointed in an Alton Brown recipe and I have tried quite a few. J-man is with me on this one. So, trust us and give it a go!


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