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Welcome to my brand new weekly post, Sweet Saturday! My plan is to feature a dessert here every week and I’m starting with a Halloween treat to fit the theme I’ve got going here.

To be honest, the food for this post has been rolling around in my head (pun kind of intended) since I was discussing the blog with a friend before it launched. I jokingly said I would try to make chilled monkey brains from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Immediately, I knew I had one of my Halloween posts.

The key here is not the recipe itself (I used this one, with raspberry gelatin and white chocolate pudding;) it’s really the mold. I didn’t want one giant brain. I wanted each of us to get our own smaller brain on a plate. With the magic that is Amazon, I found this mold.

Now, presentation is everything, so I fancied up the plating of our brains a bit. Some more white chocolate pudding and a few fresh raspberries really make these brains something special!


Of course, you don’t have to save these for Halloween. They are perfect for viewings of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, World War Z, iZombie…I think you can see where I’m going with this. Also, rumor has it, that you can throw some booze in the mix and make a brain jello shot. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t know about that kind of thing, but I’ve heard stuff…

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